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The chief motive behind the creation of this website is to highlight the various professions of the visually impaired community of Pakistan.

For the very first time in Pakistan, a platform is being set up as an earnest attempt to showcase the dignified persons with blindness and their respective professions to enlighten the society about the skills and expertise of these inspiring people.

We may find loads of data online regarding disability stats, issues related to the blindness and similar facts, but face a great difficulty when it comes to exploring the listing of visually challenged professionals in the country through online sources. 

Even the government agencies, private sector and many other organisations that need to conduct the relevant surveys find it extremely challenging to accumulate the desired data pertaining to the successful professionals with visual impairment, mainly due to the lack of information in this very regard. Subsequently, a large number of v i professionals go unnoticed in the society which results in projecting further stigmas concerning disability as their success stories remain undiscovered. 

However, with the help of this website, the esteemed blind professionals can surely make their presence felt big time and shall remain in the limelight.

Another amazing thing about this marvellous platform is that it has been built and launched by the visually impaired professionals themselves with the aim to motivate countless other blind in Pakistan who surely possess the potential to surmount series of challenges in order to embrace the glorious achievements.

Along with the professional profiles of visually impaired, you will get to see many of their inspirational stories, noteworthy contributions and some exceedingly exalting activities through this fascinating site.

So explore the site and get to know more about the impressive accomplishments by the visually impaired professionals of Pakistan!

About Us:

We are an enthusiastic group of visually impaired professionals, working jointly to maintain this unique website with the aim to highlight the animating achievements of the blind. The VIPs project has been accomplished as a result of an idea among the visually impaired friends, discussed in a WhatsApp group, with plenty more to be added soon.

We sincerely felt the need to display the success stories of the blind who hardly get any recognition despite producing mesmerizing outcomes in their academic and professional fields. We would love to be recommended to the professionally successful visually impaired individuals in your surroundings, so that their outstanding achievements may also be noted through our platform.

This is just a start of VIPs as We sincerely intend to expand this website into something really substantial regarding the lives of PWDs. For more details, we can be reached at:

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