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Adeel Raja
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Software Engineering With Distinction.
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To conduct various training for the blind.
No particular challenge faced as I stay confident all the time and know how to solve the problems.
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My life story starts with my blindness. I have completed my initial education from Idarieu School. Then I went to the university for islamic education. After completing my islamic degree I realized that among the blind, there is a shortage of computer literacy and I decided to work on it. I then became a first blind in Karachi to do master in computer science and took admission in UBIT University Of Karachi for MCs. I then did ACC Pprogram from Aptech.
My dream is that one day all my blind friends must be computer literate, for this very purpose, I run a computer training center as well. To achieve my goals at larger scale, I have established a platform with the name of INCLUSIVE DESTINY And inshallah this will be the milestone for many blind persons in Karachi to be independent technology users. To sum up the whole thing, I’m a teacher, trainer, good speaker and a great contributor for bringing improvement in the lives of visually impaired people.