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Ahmed Karim
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The certificate of achievement on my work for the visually impaired in United Arab Emirates by the Ammer of Ajman UAE.
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Planning, managing, and over all supervision of a manufacturing and trading business.
I can’t see but have to make sure that designs and colours of the products to be sold are according to the demand.
Biographical Profile
I have served in different organizations at different levels where main task was to impart IT training to the visually impaired and it was in two countries, Pakistan and UAE. I have always loved it. I have also been running a textile business for the last seven years that manufactures in Pakistan and sells the goods in Emirates. I feel the blindness as a gift to me by Allah for it lets me do things with an adventurous element in them. And, it’s the very adventurous element that makes people do things like packing their gear and go for surmounting peaks like K2. Running a textile business with visual impairment is a hell of an adventure.
The summary of my life would be incomplete if I don’t mention the efforts of my parents who didn’t spare a thing to make me what I am today. From making sure that I get best possible studies to encouraging me to take bold initiatives, they supported me in everything I ever wanted to do. Without their contribution, my life would have been a different story altogether.
Although, I remain engaged in managing my business and the related stuff most of the time, yet I manage somehow to keep myself attached with the VI community by organising multiple activities to improve their independent living by all means.