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Ahmed Khan
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Certified in computer literacy
Braille proficiency certification
Certified in operating digital telephone exchange
Certified in running a Call Centre
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Call Centre / Customer Representative
Transportation issue was major hurdle as being visually impaired.
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It was quite fine as a sighted person till matriculation, then I lost my eye-sight as a result of some sudden incident.
It was extremely tough to live as a blind but i wasn’t disappointed and worked hard to complete my studies.
Later on, I did my Intermediate followed by Graduation from Sindh University Hyderabad. Then i moved to Karachi from my Village Sanghar to live better and easy life where i completed multiple courses including Computer, Braille & Telephone Operating from an institution for Blind persons.
I Also did a job for a year as Customer Services Representative in call center. Afterwords, I came back to my village in order to serve other visually impaired people and gathered them all in one place. I have also contributed for creating awareness regarding Environmental issues with my friends that resulted in huge appreciation from local authorities and got an appreciation award from my district.
Pakistan International Human Rights Organization also awarded me for my services in 2015.
I’m also working as a Journalist in the Magazine named as Monthly Pakistan special, covering stories regarding person with disabilities.
In the end, my sincere wish is to resolve all the problems faced by the blind, mainly in the areas of education, transportation and employment so that they can be in a position to support their families and live like a normal member of the society.