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Fayyaz Hussain
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Certification in Entrepreneurial, social entrepreneurship and communication skills
Certification in Morse code and unconventional communication.
I have a distinction that people who were initially reluctant to give me a chance at job, never wanted to lose me from their team after seeing my performance with the help of Allah Almighty.
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Research consultancy, public dealing, planning, management, publishing, teaching and counselling.
In the very early days of my career, I faced social challenges of being accepted as a teacher but when I proved my skills, people changed their mind towards me. They started expecting extraordinary performance which it self is a great burden of responsibility. Allah Tala provided me with the courage and energy to successfully meet my colleagues’ high expectations regarding my performance.
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In the early days of my childhood I realized of having sight problem. When I could not play games with my sighted friends in the way that they could play, I used to think “why Allah has created this disability in me?” the conflict of my mind reached the climax when I heard that Allah loves us more than 70 mothers. I often said to myself, “if Allah loves me more than 70 mothers, why has he given me the disability?” besides this, I also learned in the Holy Quran “Verily, We created man of the best stature (mould),” (Surah At-Tin, verse 4.) belonging to a religious family, I was also told that Allah has created nothing in the universe without a purpose.
Very soon Allah almighty blessed me with the strong belief that He not only loves me more than 70 mothers but also He has sent me in this world with a purpose. Now it was my job to find the purpose of my life.
While studying in a main stream primary school of my village, I had to face a lot of hurdles due to my low vision problem. I could not do my class work during cloudy weathers in the dim sunlight. I often could not convince my teachers that I had eyesight problem.
In spite of all problems due to my disability, I could manage to be among the most intelligent, hardworking and favorite students of my school.
I explored my teaching skills in class three when I was chosen as a group leader. My responsibilities included helping my group fellows understand lessons especially grasp mathematical concepts. I managed to do exercises in big writing on writing slate.
Having good mathematical skills I set my target to become an engineer and a good teacher in the field of engineering, but I was much shocked to know that math slates were not allowed after class five. I soon concluded that I would not be able to do mathematics anymore because I could not read my own writing in my notebook due to my disability.
Having no awareness about the education of visually impaired people, my parents sent me to a religious madrisa to learn the holy Quran by heart because they concluded that I would not be able to cope up with the further main stream schooling due to my visual disability. I tried my level best to adjust myself in the madrisa environment but failed because I could not prepare the lesson as desired. The untrained teachers did not even try to understand my eyesight issue rather they started beating me with sticks and rods. I was supposed to first read the lesson from the holy Quran to the teacher by sight which was conventionally termed as Nazira reading. Since the teachers were unable to understand my problem, I decided to quit the Madrisa in spite of having a desire to learn the holy Quran by heart.
In the meantime I learned through a radio program that blind could read the embossed words and this embossed script was named as Braille writing. I very hardly convinced my parents to send me to a special education school. I learned braille very quickly and started doing conventional main stream studies again.
I soon learned that I could read all the famous arts subjects through braille but there were no science books in braille writing at all. Now my luck brought me to the conclusion that I could do further studies in arts not in science. So my dream of being a good teacher in the field of engineering was modified to become a good teacher in the field of arts. Now many new questions raised in my mind, can science books not be produced in Pakistan? How do the advanced countries manage to teach the natural science subjects to their visually challenged students? How can we make these subjects accessible for our students in our country?
These questions set my further direction to become not only a good teacher but also become a doctor of philosophy in Education.
After doing masters in English literature from FC College, masters in ELT from UMT, I completed my MPhil in Education. Currently I am giving final touch to my dissertation at doctoral level in the field of inclusive education from UMT.
Although I had discovered my teachings skills in early life and informally had started teaching my friends and juniors, I started formally to teach after my M.A. English literature. After doing masters, I started dropping my CV at different institutions. 80 percent of the private colleges refused me for disability and 20 percent promised to call after some time but that time never came.
At last a private college gave me a chance as a lecturer on trial basis. In very few days I not only became famous among my faculty but also in the other colleges in the area. Especially colleges started contacting me when I introduced study programs like academic writing and four language skills. After five years of my successful teaching, I was given a chance at a telecommunication company of a good repute to work as a TSO. I join this company to open the doors for the other visually challenged people. During my job as a TSO, I was ranked at highest in my department in every annual performance appraisal.
Along with above activities, I continued my further studies. The period between 2000 and 2005 was the period of my hardest efforts and fights at multiple fronts. During this period I could only have a sleep of only two hours daily because I had come to know that I would not be able to achieve my purpose of life without my passion and hard work.
I continued my search on how to become a good teacher and finally I reached the conclusion that I should teach the visually challenged students. I applied for teaching position in department of special education through PPSC in 2005 and got selected as a special education teacher. Thrice I have been given best performance award by my heads of the institutions. I am also working as a visiting faculty member at university level.
Besides my teaching and study activities I created a network with the help of my blind and sighted students and friends. Through this network we are making study materials accessible. The most interesting thing about this network is that we are working as a friend’s network and we do not accept any type of public or private donations.
Our aim is to remove accessibility barriers in the study of the visually challenged people across the country. Knowledge is power and we shall Inshallah empower the blind with knowledge by removing accessibility barriers. With the grace of Allah Almighty a day will come when our students will be joining pure science profession like Engineering and medical science. Every intellectual person regardless being blind or sighted is requested to join us in this noble cause. For further information, visit the website of literaria education foundation for the blind at