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Imran Ahmed Shaikh
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Certificate from The Education Foundation as a Braille trainer to sighted students.
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Coordination with the ministries and the industrialists.
The only challenge I faced in my career is that I was deprived of promotion in higher rank but it was not due to my visual impairment.
Biographical Profile
Grit, determination and steadfastness. These attributes have been my permanent companions since I was diagnosed as visually impaired. I accepted my situation with grace and resolved to prove that I may be handicapped in sight but would make up for it through my vision for myself.

With the grace of almighty and support of my mother, I fought against all odds and completed my Masters in special education from Karachi University. I started my professional journey by starting a cyber services centre where I provided troubleshooting and network solutions. To supplement my earnings, I also worked part time as a customer services representative at K Electric. This proved to be a trailblazing experience as the organization hired more visually impaired people after seeing my performance to be seen as an inclusive corporate entity.

Currently I am working as a coordinator in a government entity, Sindh Workers Welfare Board. I work as the bridge between government and industries to ensure those workers' rights are adequately protected. I have been associated with this organization for the last 12 years and given incremental responsibilities as I never let my disability become an obstacle in my performance.
Besides work I have also pursued my passion - cricket. I remained Vice Chairman of the Blind Cricket Council between 2009-2015 and toured Australia and India as manager of the blind cricket team. Further, in my capacity as the Vice President of the Pakistan Association of the Blind (2016-2019), I have worked tirelessly for protecting rights and developing opportunities for the visually impaired especially in the banking sector. In the last three years, several improvements have been made in the banking rights of the visually impaired and more than 10 people have been employed due to our work on sensitizing the industry on the skills of our community. Last but not the least, I continue to struggle for the revival of production of Braille books. Such books were pivotal in my success and their continued production would help inspire the next generation of visually impaired so that they may remain contributing members of the society.