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Jabbir Hussain
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Certified in teachers training programs
Motivational speaker
Multiple radio awards of best presenter
Winner of many national debates contests.
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Teaching various communication courses to the students of B.S. hons and students counselling.
Mobility problems
Biographical Profile
My life has been quite eventful right from the time of my birth. To the shock of my family, I was born as a blind child and had to experience a great negativity on the part of some of the family members. I would not blame them for that hurtful attitude as this is how the birth of a child with unexpected disability is greeted with, specially when the family does not have any awareness in this regard. In order to overcome the lack of confidence as a little child, I started communicating to myself. For some strange reasons, I felt the urge to speak in a way as if I’m addressing the audience in my surrounding. Being deeply fascinated by the people talking on the radio, I started conducting radio programs virtually, holding some object as a replacement to microphone. I simply loved doing this activity in my childhood and in a way, found a remedy to counter the low spirited people around me. Even I used to mimic the voices of different singers and actors which was highly entertaining for myself. That was my silly world, a world of imagination, filled with too many amusing acts to kill my isolation.
My family, on the other hand, began suspecting my mental condition to be little unstable as a result of my virtual radio presentation! They inwardly associated the world of my entertainment with a state of insanity! It took them some time to realise that it was only my passion to speak on the microphone. Life has been really kind to me as well for I could manage to convert my passion into a beaming reality by becoming a successful radio presenter, winner of many national debates and an eloquent motivational speaker.
Professionally speaking, I’m serving a renowned university as a lecturer with (Effective Communication) being my main subject.
The toughest phase of my life was when both my kidneys became dysfunctional leaving me on the verge of death. The process to undergo dialysis was colossally agonising for me, yet I did not lose hope and kept fighting. When the people around me almost gave up with their hopes, my sister stepped up as my saviour and donated me thee kidney to keep my life intact. Yes, she is my sister, she felt for me by all means, yet her act of putting her life at stake is something I could never forget and my heart silently prays for her all the time. Currently, I’m busy in giving the final touch to my PhD dissertation to achieve another milestone in my life. My message to every reader of my life story would be to overpower the negativity with an inner positivity! There will be the moments in life that can easily push you in a state of mayhem, but only you yourself, with your spirit of never giving up, could emerge as conqueror by surmounting all the obstructions around.