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Muhammad Awais
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Certificate of merit in BS Hons political science from Government College University Lahore with second highest CGPA in University.
Certificate of visually challenge leadership program: Training of communicational, professional and computer skills.
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To teach the intermediate and graduation classes.
To prepare the monthly attendance record/struck off rolls of intermediate classes.
To assure that I’m as competent as other faculty members.
To face discrimination and cope up with extra mile in service.
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Muhammad Awais

Life is a multi-facetted mystery that cannot be seemingly deemed without sight by any stretch of imagination. Likewise, the birth of a son remained uncelebrated glory for my family. Their son is devoid of sight? Nature cannot be that much unkind to us. The grief descended all over the social vicinity encircling me. Since I was visually impaired by birth, I remained aloof from the fabricated gravity of the circumstances. Gradually my father refurbished the belief that almighty has a peculiar purpose behind every creature. He instilled zeal and ebullience to all members of the family to throw away the depression in to winds. In the meanwhile, a surge for special institution was set in to motion for my early education. Aziz Jehan Begum Trust headed by Mr. Jeddy late served as the first alma mater in my life. Endless efforts of my parents and other family members assisted me to rule the roost of the circumstances appearing in my life. Accomplishment of first division in Matriculation examinations presented an opportunity for my parents to celebrate the success of their son that remained uncelebrated 16 years back.

My educational career experienced a land mark when I got admission in Government College University Lahore for Intermediate. The voyage of GC University did not end with passing of intermediate with first division in subjects such as Economics and Statistics. I succeeded to secure certificate of merit in B.A. hons Political Science in same prestigious University. Afterwards, I completed M.Phil. International Relations from University of the Punjab with A grade.

In the meanwhile, I got recruited as Lecturer Political Science securing second position through Punjab Public Service Commission. I have been serving in Government College Model Town Lahore since 2015 and teaching intermediate and graduation classes. The quality insurance criterion in my department has reflected excellent feedback from students with respect to my service thus far in College.

The aforesaid passages sound as if the educational and professional career had a smooth sail. However, Almighty had chosen me not as a common individual out of 7.7 billion human beings in this world. Rather he selected me to be a member of smaller fraternity of 285 million visually impaired persons. I faced negative social behaviours, discouraging and ridiculing remarks of people. I had to prove myself in professional life both in recruitment process and also on the job place to ascertain acceptance and respect.

Succinctly speaking, it was an amazing experience to lead a life in society which expects nothing from you due to visual impairment, yet demands super-natural skills during recruitment process. Life presents windows of opportunities for you to grab or grasp. It’s up to you whether you exaggerate troubles of life or glorify the innate talent.

I was source of depression two decades back, but at present, I’m the most inspiring amongst my family and friends.