Muhammad Babar Shahzad

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Full Name
Muhammad Babar Shahzad
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Level Of Education
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Years Of Experience
Certificate in project development and management: International Institute for Social Entrepreneurs (IISE) presently called Kanthari, Trivandrum, Kerala, India.
Certificate of Appreciation as United Nations Online Volunteer (UNV OV) for Grace Association, Pakistan 2007.
Certified in: Computer Access Technology for Visually Impaired, from The Hadley School for the Blind, USA.
Job Details
Overseeing the overall administration including supervision of financial affairs of the organisation.
Conducting official correspondence and Signing all the documents made and entered into on behalf of the organisation.
Networking with stakeholders.
Holding meetings of the board of governors regularly.
Supervising all phases of the projects.
Overseeing the implementation of human resource policy.
Taking disciplinary action against any staff member when necessary using legally defensible procedures.
Overseeing the fundraising plans.
Identifying risks and their management.
Biographical Profile
Being the first and the healthiest child of my parents, my birth was highly celebrated and construed to be good luck for the whole family. However, sudden onset of typhoid at the age of two months marked the series of ailments which sporadically interfered with my routine life. In the meanwhile, I was transferred to the place of my maternal family where I grew as the only child who remained the centre of everyone’s love and attention. Developing optic nerve atrophy slightly changed my life but my maternal uncle diverted all his energies to make me closely experience the physical objects around me and have clear concepts of the abstract world. At this stage, I witnessed high level of inclusion.

I was admitted to the Government Institute for Blind Boys, Peshawar where I studied for a few years but the prevailing traditional special education system did not stand in line with my perception of getting educated.

On the request of my parents, my maternal family sent me back to live in Haripur in 1996. Despite partial sight loss, I was living an entirely normal life which was again disrupted when I developed cataract which caused me to be unable to retain my sight. This was the time when isolation struck me badly and I could foresee no future for myself. International current affairs radio channels proved to be the best companion of mine for three years. Motivated by a friend from West Indies and a relative, I regathered my vigour and resumed my education and privately passed matriculation. One of the many positive happenings that renewed my spark to return to positive state of mind was my acquaintance with computer. It penetrated into every corner of my life and I became resolute to further my study in the field of computer science from any internationally well-reputed university. I could not materialize this goal but got chances to proceed in studies and finally I majored in anthropology from the Quaid-I-Azam University, Islamabad.

I and my wife stayed in India for a year and on return, we established an organization named Empower Pak (EP) which provided us a platform to work for our fellow PWDs. I also represented Pakistan on various international forums as well.