Muhammad Farhan Ahmed

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Muhammad Farhan Ahmed
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Certified in cisco certification in networking administration (CCNA-Discovery 1);
Various certificates from the Hadley school for the blind.
Completed independent training program from the Colorado Center for the Blind, USA
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Teaching students of B.S about mass communication.
None so far
Biographical Profile
My name is Farhan and I’m totally blind. I like reading different stuff. I enjoy my profession, spending time studying technology and hanging out with friends. I’m very straightforward and diplomacy has never been my forte. I obtained my academic credentials quite similar to many of my other visually impaired fellows.
Life has been equally challenging for me as well as entertaining. I have been so fortunate to study at the university of the Punjab, despite some turbulence in my academic achievements; visited the United states for almost a year on a vocational training program; and currently working at the prestigious institute government college university Lahore. I’m currently teaching mass communication to the students of B.S. My students have been the source of motivation for me. We both learn and teach at the same time.
I have been very passionate about technology. Prior to my admission in university, I spent most of my time learning about computer and useful assistive technology which has been very much rewarding in the current time in my job and education. I plan to pursue my higher education in media and communication and hope to contribute in the research pertaining to the same.
I have always believed in honesty, truth and hard work as far as the achievements in life are concerned and I have been rewarded believing in the same principles. I think that you can achieve pretty much everything if you keep it straight and fair. And, there are always various avenues toward reaching your destination. Whenever I feel disappointed, I remind myself the following lines:
“be miserable, or motivate yourself. Whatever has to be done, it’s always your choice.” And to be pretty fair, its very much your choice how you want to lead your life.
I am very grateful for some of the best friends that Allah has bestowed me with. Their achievements have been the source of inspiration for me and their experience is the source of guidance. Lastly, the role of my parents and family members have been superb. Their unflinching support was always there to make sure that I become so resilient and a confident personality.