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Muhammad Hammad Malik
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• To visit different schools in specified area to give lectures on health and nutrition.
• To spread awareness regarding cleanliness of environment.
• To provide knowledge for hygienic living of students.
Due to field work, I have to face the following challenges in my profession.
• Difficulty in orientation of new locality for visits of schools.
• Problems in mobility due to under developed infrastructure of villages.
• Non-cooperative behaviour of some colleagues during visits.
• To get recognition from officers of health department regarding my productivity in field work.
Biographical Profile
Life without eye sight is a difficult proposition. Experience is one of the best teachers in our lives. However, it is one of the most strict and ruthless as well. I have experienced different things in my life which have been devoid of sight. For sure, I have been living a life which is beyond imagination for most of the human beings in this arena. My family belonged to a rural community of Gujranwala in Punjab. I had sight for few early years of my life. Gradually, my eye sight started to decrease. My father observed as if his son is not performing tasks in normal way. At the same time, I was hiding my visual impairment from others. I got struck in a paradox in which my sight was decreasing day by day but I was trying to behave as normally as possible for me. This irony of life was the most difficult moment for me to cope up due to gradual shift from world of sight to shadows.

In the meanwhile, I started my early education in an inclusive school for sighted students. I continued in same vain till grade nine. Subsequently, I left the regular studies and continued as private student till graduation. This phase of my life had the most troublesome events. Now, I had accepted visual impairment and took admission in University of the Punjab to do masters in Special Education. I grew in confidence and started gaining respect and honour for me. My confidence reached new heights in life and I completed second masters in gender studies for same prestigious university of Pakistan. Now, I was feeling novel changes in my approach and dreams of life. Subsequently, I completed M.Phil. Special Education from Government College University Faislabad.

Yes, the story is not over yet, I succeeded in recruitment of School health and nutrition supervisor (BPS 17) in 2009. This was a mile stone with new challenges and few more credentials at stake for me. I had to establish myself at job place so that no one could think of me selection as undue favour or sympathetic endowment. With the grace of almighty, I have proved my credentials with hard work and relentless efforts. Along with my professional assignments, I have been the author of a book; “Aujaloon ka Taqub” which is reflection of my life. Furthermore, I had the honour to be a part of social services for disabled persons who are acquiring higher education in Punjab and KPK. I along with my friends struggled hard to compel colleges and universities of Both provinces to provide facilities to disable students.
Visual impairment is a big challenge as well as an opportunity to show your talent in unique manner. Life is all about perspectives that we hold and implement in our actions.