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Ali Khan Tareen
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NLP practitioner
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Managing various trainings for visually impaired persons as well as coordinating with the instructors
I trust my abilities to overcome the challenges and keep moving ahead.
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"I was not blind by birth. I remember the day when I was told that I will not be able to see again like it was only yesterday. It was the year 2002 that My eyesight had started getting weaker. I was quite young at that time. My family consulted almost every doctor across the city and they told me that with The passage of time I will be able to see better. The situation was, however, entirely different than what the doctors had predicted. You can only imagine How a little boy would feel when he is told he will never be able to see properly ever again. With the passage of time, when I was hoping that my vision Would get better it had only started to get worse. I have a disease that is called Retinitis Pigmentosa. It causes retinal degeneration that either progresses or regresses with time. My life was getting severely affected. I was advised to quit school. The feeling where I could not see my family, friends and loved Ones even though they were doing so much for me were killing me inside.
My world as I knew it ceased to exist when I had lost complete vision in both my eyes. Everything was a blur and it was all falling apart. I couldn’t bring myself to disclose what I was feeling. What does a child who has lost his vision supposed to feel? Like every other youngster of my age I also had a plan for myself and my future. I was hoping to get better, go back to school and resume my studies. Where I was standing, I could only see two choices, either to indulge myself in self-pity or to not let this moment define me. I chose the latter. I did not let this get the best of me. I pushed myself hard. I knew that I wasn’t a quitter! I resumed everything that I wanted to achieve making peace with the fact that I will never be able to see the colours of this world ever again.
I want to tell the people that there is a future in this country and that even people with disabilities can do so much. We should just stop playing the victim and focus on doing things rather than complaining about them. I wish to make all those facilities available for the 15% of the people with disabilities in Pakistan. I want to stay here and fight for them."
Today, I have done masters in mass communication from university of Karachi and currently persuading M. Phil in the same subject. I am a trainer, disability activist, social entrepreneur and NLP practitioner. I am a Founder of Inclusive Pakistan working for youth development and persons with Disabilities. Currently I am serving as Head of Department of media and communication for Nai Subah, an NGO working for People with visual impairment. I am also a radio presenter and formerly hosted a talk show on FM 100. And contributes articles that are published in Pakistan’s Leading English Newspaper, Express Tribune. To add on, I am regularly interviewed on mainstream electronic and print media.