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Ayesha Akbar
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I’m one of the inductees who got employment in multinational bank in Pakistan
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Interaction with the customers under different projects of bank.
addressing the queries of clients.
To establish my identity among the sighted peers.
To establish that I could work as good as others do.
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The birth of first child with disability was a shock for the family. My parents were not aware how to educate me. In the start I could see a bit, they admitted me in a nearby school. The teachers were very cooperative and they tried to teach me. However with the passage of time my sight was decreasing. Soon the teachers told my parents that they could not teach me. The situation was precarious for my parents because they had no idea about the educational institutes and facilities for visually impaired persons. Fortunately, one of our family friends guided my family in this respect. I was admitted to an institute of government for special students.
The life seemed moving in better way. I did matriculation in first division. The study was not easy due to unavailability of content in readable form. However, I struggled hard and graduated from University of Punjab. My parents felt satisfied that their child has achieved significant success despite of disability.
In 2007, my life experienced a big positive change. I had an opportunity to become the part of multinational bank in Pakistan. I got recruited in Standard Chartered Bank. It was very hard to imagine that a visually impaired persons is working efficiently in banking sector. I was amongst the first inductees to the banking sector in Pakistan. I have successfully proved that conducive working environment can take the best out of you even with disability. The appreciation from high officials of the bank helps me to perform even better in the prescribed assignment.
I’m leading a successful and satisfied life due to the efforts of my parents and blessing of almighty Allah. I have firm belief that Allah has not created anything without purpose. Loss of any ability or faculty is not disability. One has to find different ways to cope with the situation and live a successful life.