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Ayesha Saleem
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Certification from Visually challenged leadership program that included modules such as communicational skills, personal management, professional and computer skills.
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Teaching B.ED. Hons and masters classes, Supervision of research dissertations, student counselling, setting external educational papers and article publishing.
I have to face allot of social taboos regarding my disability. I have to put more effort to prove that I can perform as good as other faculty members.
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When I realized the reality of my life and got to know that I could not see, the waves of negative emotions destroyed the castle of my dreams. The trembling moments of childhood the nights chasing for stars and desires to achieve my dreams ruined my early years. I had the wish to become a medical doctor. Eventually when I realized that I could not become one. I used to think why I was given life. The years spent in hunting the purpose of my life. When I was in matriculation and I came to know that a person who had done PhD was also called a doctor. From that day I only had single aim and that was to become PhD doctor. The rest of years of my life till today spent in making this dream and ambition a Certainty. After achieving this goal I wanted to serve as lecturer in college. During my journey of education I had participated in co-curricular activities such as poetry competitions, radio jockey and voiceover artist. I had have soothing and communicative voice which promoted me in co-curricular activities.
In 2015 seats were advertised for the post of lecturer in various universities. I was free and was trying to find job before taking admission in PhD. I applied in university of Education an institution from which I had completed my M.Phil and was famous amongst my teachers for being very intelligent. I was the highest scorer in the M.Phil. Research dissertation. I received the interview call letter and told that my interview was on 3 may 2015. This was the first job interview I was appearing in. Three days later I got to know that I was selected on open merit for the post of lecturer. My journey from education to profession was started from that day. In the subsequent year I took admission in PhD to conquer my highest desire.
I am about to approach to submit my research dissertation in 2020. From 2015 I have presented 5 research papers in four conferences. My two research papers are in the process of publishing. I have supervised 21 B.Ed. Hons thesis. I am renowned in my students as a person to whom they look for all the solutions of their problems. I am doing students counselling regarding personal and educational issues.
I have witnessed that ALLAH has created a beauty in darkness which is not unfolded for everyone. Absence of sight motivated me and focused me towards education. I would not have been shining and progressive in life with sight. The dilemma of darkness polished me and made me an ideal for others. This disability has proved to be my inner ability to move in life.