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Doctor Aamir Hanif Raja
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Speech Competition, various debates from school level to University. I won more than 100 awards including many certificates, trophies, shields and role of honour.
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Teaching, administration, monitoring and evaluation.
I have proved myself as an active member of society so I am not facing any particular hardships.
Biographical Profile
The mission of human life is to end the hurdles of material existence and attain a meaningful life. We are constantly searching for happiness, but we often fail in our pursuit. We may get a glimpse of happiness, but it does not last forever. We do not want miseries, but we cannot avoid them. Scriptures inform us that we are spiritual beings, part and parcel of the Supreme Lord Allah Karim, and by nature we are full of happiness.
First, let us understand the root cause of our problems that makes our life miserable. We are entrapped in this material world from time immemorial and the happiness we pursue here is temporary and illusory.
I am visually impaired by birth. I have suffered numerous challenges and hurdles in my life at the time of childhood and with the help of almighty Allah my family, my friends I have passed all obstacles and now I am leading exemplary life for other people.
By the Grace of Almighty Allah, I got selected as Lecturer in History (BPS-17) through PPSC in 1997. I was also among the top ten candidates to have been selected as Assistant Professor (BPS-18) through PPSC in 2010.
In 2015, I was selected as Associate Professor (BPS-19) topping the batch of successful candidates through PPSC again.
In my research for PHD, I did comparison of two highly illustrious international organizations, i.e. OIC & EU and got widely appreciated.
I am one of those lucky candidates who got HEC 5000 indigenous scholarship and went abroad for research fellowship under IRASP program.
More over, I have number of National and International publications in my credit covering topics such as:
Comparing Income Polarization Overtime: A Case Study of Pakistan, in
Social Sciences and Humanities

Hakim ka Taqrar aur ais key Ikthiraat (Urdu) , National Institute of
Historical and Cultural Research Centre of Excellence.

Pakistan’s Role in the OIC: A Critical Analysis, Journal of Social Sciences
and Humanities.

Role of Women in Hizmet and Feminist Movement: A Comparative
Analysis (PJSS)

The Pakistan Journal of History and Culture, is a biannual research organ
of the National Institute of Historical and Cultural Research.

New Threats and Challenges to Federalism: In Pakistan (A Socio-Political
Scenario) Research Journal of Political Studies.
I consider myself overly blessed by Almighty Allah Who helped me to overcome all the difficulties in life and enabled me to lead a hugely successful life!