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Gul Zamin Khan
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Best University Teacher Award from HECP (2009)
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Taking classes/Taking students’ seminars, quizzes/ taking, checking and evaluating assignments and papers/Coordinating the academic activities in the department.
Nothing worth-mentioning.
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Bonn into a middle class family in a small village in district Dir Lower of Khybar Pakhtunkhwa, I carried a degenerative hereditary eye disease (Retinitis Pigmentosa). Initially, the disease was less severe and I had a fairly normal childhood (playing with my sighted peers, going to mainstream school and getting on with the routines of life) like other sighted people. During the eleventh year of my life, the initial symptoms of the disease started to appear - the gradual deterioration and loss of night vision, problems in distinguishing finer characters and objects, especially when distant and playing in twilight.
The disease worsened slowly but steadily till I was eighteen when I was no longer able to see the printed text even with visual aids and had to leave my FSc unfinished. The pain and misery my parents went through cannot be described in words, I myself was extremely apprehensive about my future which looked so dark and gloomy, and for the next three years, having no one to guide me, listening to radio turned out to be my main pass-time. Radio was to play a vital role in shaping my future as it not only introduced me to such great people as Saima Ammar and Salma Maqbool, but also taught me English (I used to listen to English teaching programs on the BBC world Service).
I did my F.A and B.A in private capacity and, armed with the knowledge of English language, went on to do my Masters in English literature and linguistics from NUML Islamabad (where I also subsequently served as a young lecturer and where I am currently enrolled as a PhD student). Later I moved to the University of Malakand as a lecturer where I did my M.Phil in 2012 and where I am presently serving as an Assistant professor in English. It was here that I was conferred with the Best University Teacher’s Award for the year 2009 by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan.
I am settled with a blissful married life and three cutest kids, but had to go through a lot of hardships (the space constraints do not allow me to mention them here) before arriving at the present state. It is true that gold has to endure a great deal of beating and burning before converting into a beautifully shaped ornament.