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Hafiz Junaid Mehmood
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Diploma in technical writing
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Teaching English to F.A. and B.A. students
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I was blind since my birth but with the help of Almighty Allah, the life has been really kind in many ways. Yes, the disability creates hurdles in many ways, yes there comes a time in life when a person with disability feels as if life has nothing to offer, but if you don't give up, you don't get defeated. I learned braille and the relevant stuff from Aziz Jehan Begum trust, which is one of the best school for the blind children in Pakistan. Right from the start I had great interest in subjects like law and politics and I always remained well-informed about the political situation in the country. I did my intermediate and B.S. honors from the FC college Lahore. I was the first blind to have completed my 4 years honors program from FC college Lahore and my major subject was english literature. Not only did I manage to get myself well-educated by decent schooling and college study, Allah has also blessed me with the great honor of being Hafiz-e-Quran. Yes, I Learned Holy Quran by heart in flying colours as I stood second in the annual result of Wafaq-ul-Madaris.
After completing my B.S. honors degree, the only preference was to get some decent job as soon as possible. In pakistan, there are number of challenges which are experienced by the visually impaired when it comes to get a respectable job, despite having a suitable degree. I was searching for a job when I came to know about the vacant position of a technical writer in a software company known as netsol. I did apply for the position half-heartedly as to get a job in I.T. based company is quite challenging for a blind person. But I was really surprised when after a formal interview, I was offered a job as a technical writer as I was able to convince them of my skills to do the required job. My chief responsibility at Netsol was to review and edit the software manuals. Later on, I applyed for the post of lecturer English in the special education department of the Punjab through PPSC and once again with the prayers of my parents, I got selected for the same post securing first position in the merit list. I have also won a significant case in the Lahore high court against the school education department as they declared blind to be ineligible applicants for the post of educators. This was a major breakthrough as it enabled the blind to be considered for the same post which was not possible previously. For the last 3 years or so, i'm satisfyingly serving in the Government degree college of special education as an English lecturer and have recently completed my m.phil from the university of Lahore.