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Kanwal Shoukat
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2nd Position in MPhil Political Science
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Lecturer in Political science in the higher education department, teaching to intermediate and degree level classes. Assist coworkers in preparing students for the academic and extra curricular activities is included in my duties too.
The first and still existing challenge in my job is attendance;as I have to normally ask my colleagues to mark it. If it be possible, aspiring for the biometric system of attendance as soon as possible. It was and still a challenge to deal with the tabulation of registers in regard to attendance management of students and results too. Thirdly, orientation of the vicinity is a huge challenge as I have several barriers coming in my way to classes.
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Life is so unpredictable as you never know how, when and what can happen to you. As a child I was unable to differentiate between blind and sighted but the time kept flying and the day came when I got familiarized with the very demarcation of being blind and not blind. Initially it was too hard for me and my family to accept the disability but gradually time started taking us to the lines where my parents could be proud of me. I must say that I was made to make a difference not only for myself but also for those who are left behind owing to lack of awareness, support and acceptance. My life took the first momentous turn when I passed my matriculation from Aziz jahen Begum Trust Institute for the Blind as it set a marvellous example for all those who took blindness as a result of some sin and also for the ones who were in quest for some sort of inspiration. Moving forword, I graduated from GC university Lahore with distinction and got myself enrolled in Kinnaird college Lahore for the MPhil Degree. Since people accepted me as a pride of the family, everyone kept questioning as to when I was going to get a decent job and when would I be in a position to support my family?
I silently prayed to Allah each time I was asked the similar questions as only Almighty was my only hope.
On the dawn of November 3rd, I was informed that I have been selected for the post of Lecturer Political Science in the Higher education department! This was exactly what I was aiming for and words fail me to express those feelings. I feel hugely blessed and satisfied since the time of my appointment as a lecturer. Although, still many challenges ahead for I have to prove myself as a best teacher/mentor and someone who can contribute to the bright future of many individuals.
Unlimitted gratitude's to all the support by ALLAH SWT, parents, siblings, peers and mentors as life would be unimaginable without them.