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kiran Ilyas
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Braille proficiency certificate
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Organizing and delivering classroom lectures to students.
• Evaluating a students’ class work and assignments.
• Preparing classroom and coursework materials, homework assignments, and handouts.
• Recording and maintaining accurate student attendance records and grades.
Additional assistance or human support is not provided specifically for taking students attendance. Sometimes it is difficult to handle and control a class with heavy strength.
Biographical Profile
I was born blind. When I gained consciousness, my biggest dream was to develop full literacy skills that will last throughout my life. Soon Braille’s instruction began in my education. The normal textbooks were converted into Braille texts. A sense of touch meant everything. I learnt how to be self-sufficient from a very young age. With time, I realized that attitude plays a significant role in determining what and how a visually impaired student learns. In fact the attitudes of everyone in the school, college and university matters, from the teachers to the administrator on down. The only thing certain in my life was how strong a person’s will power is. It is rightly said scarcity brings out the best in a person. I converted all the challenges into opportunities and kept surmounting the hardships in a lofty manner. I do believe in a fact that facing failure is not a defeat, the real defeat lies in giving up. So the very spirit of endless commitment has contributed grandly to the position I find myself in.