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Maria Salman
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Certified in braille teaching and Certified trainer of the teachers of blind.
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Teaching multiple courses to the students of B.Ed. honors
Teaching English braille to the students during summer courses.
Marking the papers at times.
Biographical Profile
I did not have complete blindness right from the point of my birth, as I could see a lot till the age of 15 16. Yes, I had issues many a time regarding managing school work because of my inability to read the books if the text was in a very small font. But with the help of Allah, and the endless struggle of my parents, I kept dealing with my mainstream schooling by overcoming all the challenges. My father was a real force behind, as He used to convert my textbooks in an accessible format so that I could read the books of my own without putting too much stress on my sight.
My elder sister, Mariam, who had the same issue of limited eye-sight, was also getting the same amount of attentions educationally. My parents were teachers by profession, they knew very well our exact needs as well as the solutions to keep us motivated. There came a time when I started losing my sight to the extent that it was becoming hard to read the books with eas. The doctors advised my parents to send me to the special school so that I could not waste the remaining eye-sight by putting more and more pressure to my already limited sight through reading from the ink-print books. I was almost done with my 8 grade when my parents happened to know about this newly established institute, Aziz jehan trust for the blind. Without wasting any time, my parents took me there and got me admitted in class eight. I was among the first batch of this school and successfully passed my matriculation, taking exams in braille. This was for the first time in Pakistan that the blind students took their exams in braille independently, Thanks to Aziz Jehan Begum Trust for the blind. I then joined Kinnaird College Lahore, a place which is a dream of countless girls for its grand repute academically. During my four year at Kinnaird, my parents had to work really hard to make sure that I was up to the educational standards of the college. My father, Mr. Nasir Akbar, was a great man and the most adorable father that any daughter could ever have.
He spent sleepless nights to assist both his blind daughters as he used to record the course books for us.
After accomplishing my intermediate and graduation from Kinnaird, I moved to another marvellous institution, Government College University for my M.A. English. The historic English department of GCU Lahore was highly cooperative as it always took care of my special needs. I was allowed to install the screen reading and book scanning software in one of the computer in library. Soon after completing my M.A. English from GCU, I applied for the post of lecturer in the special education department of the Punjab and got selected on merit.
My first posting was out of station and it was a great challenge for me. I would have not joined my work if my mother had not supported me hugely. For almost six months, my mother used to travel with me and take me to my work place at Kot rada kishon nearKasoor district. She had to avail months long leave from her work in order to secure my job. She is a retired professor now and her contribution in my life cannot be described in words.
Currently, I’m posted at the Government teachers training college of the blind, Garden town Lahore where I’m giving my services nearly for the last ten years.