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Visually impaired professionals have remained devoid of due recognition and appreciation in Pakistan. This online hub aims to showcase their academic and professional accomplishments.

The idea and construction of this forum has been exclusively completed by the visually impaired professionals. With reference to the objectives set forth for this website, a comprehensive form has been designed to exhibit the profile of each V.I Professional.

The form includes various fields to be filled regarding demographic, academic and professional details.

  • Each field has a caption as well as description.
  • Read the description carefully to fill the field accurately.
  • The fields having (star) are mandatory to be filled.
  • In last field, write a summary of your life in 300 to 500 words.
  • Submission of profile is subject to the approval by VIPs team.
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Professional Profile
Please enter your complete name. E.G "Salman Khalid".
Please select your gender.
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Please select your City. E.G Islamabad.
Select your marital status. E.G Married.
Please select your highest level of education.
Choo's the subject you are specialized in.
Select the institution from where you passed out.
Enter your achievements or certifications. 1 value per line.
Enter maximum 5 activities separated by comma ",".
Select your job or profession.
Select your occupation type. E.G Government employ, Self employed.
Enter your job description. E.G your responsibilities on the workplace.
Enter your years in the job. E.G 5 years.
Explain the challenges faced while doing your job.
Summarise yourself in 300 words.
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