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Sana Iqbal
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Award for Distinction in middle standard exams, Certificate of outstanding performance in matriculation, distinction in Master’s degree program, certificate in Human Rights and Democracy Education, certificate in Active Citizens Program of British Council, Pakistan.
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Conducting official correspondence, representing the District Officer in meetings/activities and looking after administrative affairs, convening meetings with NGOs and other stakeholders, monitoring institutes running under the Office of DO Social Welfare Department, Haripur, reporting to DO and any other task/responsibility assigned on specific occasion.
Attitudinal barriers, inaccessible data, absence of assistance during field work.
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Owing to the ways we have constructed the notion of disability over time and deeply imbedded into our social setup, a family having a female member experiencing even a minor disability is bound to undergo manifold tribulations. My family too had to strive tremendously and doubly on account of having two daughters with sight loss. Standing against the negative traditions, my parents went out on a limb by getting me and my sister educated in Government School for Blind Girls, Rawalpindi and in Lahore and admitted us in the boarding offered by the schools which provoked massive opposition from the relatives and elders of the family. This somewhat implicit disapproval of my parents’ step from relatives is not suggestive that they were not cognisant of the importance of education. To them, it was unwise and unsympathetic to keep one’s disabled child away from the family. Moreover, it was not a common practice amongst Pathan tribes to send their daughters out to other cities for education. The reason we were sent out was the absence of special education institute in our area. Demise of my father and ailing health of my mother plunged me into a heightened emotional shock which was exacerbated when due to having no support, my brother had to quit his education and undertake multiple arduous roles to get the family back to normal life.
All the aforementioned opposition to my family turned into a felicitation and appreciation when I passed middle standard exams with distinction and I achieved an award from the then Chief Executive of Pakistan Pervez Musharraf. Afterwards, Allah blessed me with a series of educational accomplishments in the face of nonacceptance, little to no facilities and unfavourable environment at all levels while studying in the general educational setup. I secured remarkable grades in school and college and majored in sociology with distinction. I and my husband went through an extensive training in project management and development in India from International Institute for Social Entrepreneurs (IISE), now called Kanthari, which led us to establish our own organisation named Empower Pak (EP). I was also the part of Pak/U.S: Disability Leadership Professional Exchange Program in 2013. In 2016, I was appointed to the post of Social Welfare Officer in Social Welfare, Special Education and Women Empowerment Department, KP and currently I am posted in the Office of District Officer, Social Welfare Department, Haripur.