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Tahir Mahmood
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Expertise in assistive technology
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To teach braille and other subjects to the students. To provide guidance and counselling to the students for their good future. To manage the computer lab in the school.
Non availability of instructional material such as braille books and perkin-braill. Restricted working environment by the government which makes task more tough.
Biographical Profile
When I was five years old, I lost my eye-sight. It was extremely difficult phase of life for me and my family. The good thing, however, was that my family and friends really encouraged me to continue with my life in a positive manner. After spending a few years of my life in the treatment of my eye-sight, I eventually started my education from Hajwairi special education centre for the blind, Johartown Lahore.
This was a significant moment of my life which gave me a great chance to get myself educated like other normal children. So many hopes were sprung up in my life as the lost confidence was finally regained.
After completing matriculation I got admission in government college university Lahore, the institution that gave me motivation to move ahead in life. The life at GCU was filled with so much learning as well as self-assurance.
The Next four years were spent in University of Punjab, from where I completed my B.A. and M.A. Special Education.
Furthermore, other activities in my life have been scouting and playing blind cricket which made me deeply energetic and a person with self-belief. Cricket was my passion and I have played in multiple cricket series at national level representing various cricket clubs of the blind, mainly the Lahore cricket club. Cricket and scouting helped a great deal in sharpening my mobility skills as I could easily go to the various cities of Pakistan by my own. My father and mother were teachers by profession and without their help and support, I would have never progressed in my life.
With the grace of Almighty Allah, I passed the examination of Punjab public service commission and got 9th position in the merit list as I got selected for the post of senior special education teacher. At present, I’m posted in the school for the blind children Gujranwala. Along with a professional success, I’m living a satisfied family life. I got married in 2017 which brought a great joy and happiness to my life. I have a beautiful daughter who plays with me and is a source of contentment for me.
Lastly, I would like to say that the loss of sight might be a greater challenge in life, but then there are many other beautiful things in life which are the motivational factors and prove to be the beaming light in a dark tunnel.